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What's crazy is that you're dissing a discussion for the sake of just randomly shooting down criticisms that organically arise as part of that discussion. I don't think the condescending attitude is really warranted. It's pretty cool, and perhaps a better acclaim for this film, that so many months after the movie came out, a video release gets people so eager to continue discussing it.
It would be pretty cool if people talked with this much debate/passion/time on their hands about other films too. I loved Dark Knight Rises, probably will end up somewhere in my top 10 or just outside of it, but after months have passed people are still asking "how did Bruce Wayne get back to Gotham"? and "he quit because of Rachel". Seriously? And forget the idea that what's being discussed is not the themes, social contexts, performances, Oscar potentials or whatever. But people are asking themselves why he kicked a brick wall. Just surprising, is all.

Call me condescending or what have you, I just wanted to point out my surprise and you attacked (unlike you Postmaster...)

Almost all of these "plot holes" or "inconsistencies" can be summed up by something Darth Shape said. He's Batman.

But anyway, didn't mean to piss in anyone's cup of tea. You'll continue the this on-going discussion no matter what anyone says
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