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It would be pretty cool if people talked with this much debate/passion/time on their hands about other films too. I loved Dark Knight Rises, probably will end up somewhere in my top 10 or just outside of it, but after months have passed people are still asking "how did Bruce Wayne get back to Gotham"? and "he quit because of Rachel". Seriously? And forget the idea that what's being discussed is not the themes, social contexts, performances, Oscar potentials or whatever. But people are asking themselves why he kicked a brick wall. Just surprising, is all.
I guess because the themes and "subtext" was spoken out loud through heavy handed dialog. The characters literally told us what the themes are. There is no discussion to be had because the characters already discussed & analyzed their own movie so we don't have to.

Honestly, themes & subtext are trivial & meaningless if problems in the story cause the audience to not care. Creating ideas & themes is easy. Subtly incorporating those ideas & themes into a well told & well paced story is hard. Here Nolan seriously dropped the ball for me. He has never been subtle with his use of themes, but with TDKR it was like he didn't care.
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