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TDKR is terrific as a comic book hero themed spectacle but it sacrificed the potent intimacy of TDK for broad stroke characterizations and situations , sort of like a greatest hits version of the series .

I appreciate the first two more in light of what i witnessed in the final installment.

It's still one of the best films in it's genre but it simply never hits the heights of it's predecessors /

The narrative is too meandering to become emotional attached to the characters although there are some affecting moments . Remember how everyone seemed like a family in the first two films, they come across like acquaintances in Tdkr. I understand the fractured extended family is one of the themes ( at least to me it was ) but it just seemed like certain key characters were acting in separate films entirely

I'll still watch it another 50 times but i find myself coming back to BB and Tdk as examples of the standard that Nolan set .

No doubt though that the action sequences are thrilling and brilliant it's too bad they are in the service of a flaccid story .

Looking back, TDK was the high point for this trilogy, it got everything right .

Since people love ratings :

BB - 9
TDK - 10
TDKR - 8.5
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