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I want a rated R Star Wars kinda like Kill Bill style. We've had PG, PG-13 and even NC-17/rated X versions of Star Wars. Lets get a rated R one. I want to see multiple non-droid limbs and heads cut off and what hot jedi/sith sex would look like with good effects.
Please tell me you're kidding.

I know someone else mentioned "going darker." Can somebody tell me why we have to "go darker" with EVERY story nowadays? Why is there an obsession with "Christopher Nolanizing" everything all of a sudden? Star Trek Into Darkness Why does something like Star Trek need to be dark? And better yet why does Star Wars need to be dark?

What made Star Wars great was that it was an adventure for all ages, I understand that it was suppose to be tragic when Anakin turned to the dark side. But ever sense Nolan's batman, Hollywood has this obsession that everything has to be dark. Bond, Star Trek, it seems like everything is dark now. Is Hollywood being run by emos and goths?

I am sorry, but I Whedon proved with The Avengers that you can create a swashbuckling adventure that ISN'T dark, it can make money and be a critical success. If Whedon can do it, I am sure anybody can do it. Dark Star Wars is gonna be boring, no question. And really disturbing and disappointing. Even Episode III with the purge of didn't feel dark, just dramatic and sad. I don't want this to be dark.

I bet next, we will hear that they want Episodes 7-9 to be "More Realistic" bleh!
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