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The forums will never recover from this dry spell. The Internet has changed. Ten years ago, the web wasn't as saturated with these types of websites. Plus, the "regulars" from way back when have already talked about everything there is to talk about. These days, I mainly watch obscure stuff that I can't discuss with most fans because they haven't seen it.

Is the horror genre dying? No, but I can't stand most new releases. The older I get, the more I see the horror genre cannibalizing itself. There have always been remakes and cheap cash-ins (even dating as far back as the 20's), but the good/bad ratio is dangerously uneven right now.
This sums it up pretty well.

The genre's not dying, not in the least bit; Paranormal Activity Series, Saw franchise, all the classic remakes...people still LOVE horror, but it's just not credited as much anymore. You don't really hear of a horror movie winning an award or being number one at the box-office, but it's certainly not dying.

Most of the movie forums that are up-and-running well, with lots of members and discussions, are forums linked to horror sites; Bloody-Disgusting, Official Halloween Message Board (OHMB), Dread Central, Shock Till You Drop, Up Coming Horror Movies, etc...those are ALL very active message boards. More-so than any regular movie forum...besides this one, of course.
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