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I just noticed today that you can see the monorail in TDKR. Nice to see they finally got it up and running again:
Image was too big to fit on the screen so click the link to see attachment:

It's a tiny thing that most people probably haven't noticed. I doubt anyone noticed it the first time they saw the film. And yet, as a visual FX shot, it was surely expensive. It just goes to show the level of dedication to even the small details when it comes to providing a sense of real continuity to this trilogy. It would have been easy to just leave the monorail out, and in general, people wouldn't have noticed a real difference. Would have saved some money and meant many hours less of FX work. But when you actually do notice it, be it on your fourth viewing, or your tenth viewing, or whatever, it's pretty great.

Most superhero series have only a very loose sense of continuity. It's always nice to see this kind of care put into a genre make the films really fit together as one overall narrative. It's difficult to find another series where it's really been done. Superman II should have been a direct sequel to Superman, following Donner's original intent...but with the reshot opening in the Lester version, it really isn't. The cinematic Marvel Universe sticks pretty well to its continuity, but in the case of the sole true sequel, thusfar, Iron Man isn't really a direct narrative continuation of the first Iron Man, the events of which are rarely referenced. So far, it feels like Nolan's Batman trilogy stands alone in truly defying the notion of superhero sequels as separate adventures, and positing them as true extensions of the core narrative.
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