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I do not think Brad Pitt is in any kind of decline. He did fantastic work in Killing Them Softly. The reception has been divisive and it did not make much money but it is not the kind of movie that makes very much money in it's initial run in the theaters and seems that the people who have liked it have really liked it. He has also received an astonishing amount of praise for his acting. He is a box office draw but he has never had the broad appeal that Tom Cruise has had. I think he is riskier than most actors with the parts that he chooses and I think that has paid off for him. Shit, Quentin Tarantino wrote the part of Aldo Raine with Brad Pitt mind. He has still not won that elusive gold statue but that means jack shit. Look at how long it took Al Pacino to win one. On rare occasion he will do a big movie but for the most part he does a lot of smaller movies whose success does not hinge on that huge- $100 million opening weekend. I do not think the shitty box office return on Killing Them Softly will ever make or break his career. Pitt is in no danger of going in to Gary Busey territory any time soon.
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