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whoa ! i think i hit a nerve here ....

and yes i do like Brad so stop saying I'M WRONG! I'm just a messenger.

What's got me interested in the analysis was the overall picture. It's not about 1 stinker at the box-office fyi (money-wise , not quality-wise ... actually i haven't seen Killing Them Softly yet but it's on my list).

Brad this , Brad that .... yet no one adressed the elephant in the room aka that ridicule Channel ad.

My personnal opinion : Brad is great but he may be standing on the top of the hill atm ( the 12 Monkeys-Se7en-Interview with a Vampire was his greatest period ... and no i'm not forgetting that awesome stoner role in True Romance ) . The future will tell us if that article was full of shit or spot on.
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