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Yeah Horror, I've been thinking for the last couple weeks you've pretty much locked up the victory (barring something zany like putting Kansas City and Jacksonville as your 16/15 the rest of the way) and this is now a battle to the death for second. And I have to admit this race for second place is compelling as hell. One or two games could be the difference between the silver medal and like fourth or fifth place. This is my first time doing any of the football things on JoBlo so I'm pretty happy with my performance. I'm excited for the contest going down the stretch. I may actually put a few more minutes into my picks these last three weeks.
Ya unless I have an awful next 2 weeks I dont think I give this up been much better than my performances in the last 5-6 years

Week 15
16 Detroit
15 Houston
14 Cincinnati
13 Denver
12 New England
11 Seattle
10 Green Bay
9 Tennessee - To permanently end the little hope the Jets have of making the playoffs
8 Washington
7 Pittsburgh
6 Atlanta - Come on you bastards win at home when it matters when I need it
5 Oakland
4 Miami
3 New Orleans
2 St. Louis
1 San Diego
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