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What would I have to gain by lieing about being in prison on an internet movie form?
Geez sometimes l put myself into a pickle

Okay from what l see here you were telling the truth and l am sorry l judged you on your coment
But being unemployed in prrison doesnt give you the right to say you are unemployed because you are doing time for a crime you commited

Please dont be angry for what l have said in Australia if you go into prison you can not claim anything like unemployment benifits but in jail you can work in diffrent situtions where that money is put away for the person when they get out of jail

I feel as if l am going to hit a nerve and if l do l want to apoligize to you

But when you get out of prison then you can say you are unemployed and go for unemployment benifits

To have this payment you have to wait a extra 6 weeks which puts a person in hardship for that time but we do have charitys that help in these cases
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