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Why do superheroes have to be so melancholy now? Why is that so popular?

Seriously, superheroes are heroes with powers anyone would want, so why does it always have to be treated like such a curse? Why does everything have to be so depressing? "I have superpowers, so sad. I saved a bus full of kids, so sad. I'm going to save earth, so sad." I want to see a Superman movie without wanting to slash my wrists. I want to enjoy the movie, and have fun (which is the point of superheroes).

This is Superman, so why is it being treated like 21 Grams or Grave of the Fireflies? I was kind of surprised that we didn't hear the Schindler's List theme play during this trailer.

I just can't see myself sitting through 2 hours of crying and depressing speeches. I want my superheroes to be far less emo.

I'd hate to see a new reboot of Indiana Jones. He'd be a drunk who contemplates life while battling his inner demons with nightmares of all faces of all the people he has killed.
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