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So long, scrambling for the remote when COMMERCIALS START!!!!

The FCC has barred excessively loud commercials.

While I know there has been dispute over whether commercials are actually louder, I've always found the defense toward commercials to be utterly ridiculous.

The "defense" being that the commercials aren't really louder, they just have more loud parts. So in other words, what they've historically said is that, if an explosion during an action show tops out at 10, an entire commercial is just at 10. So it's not really louder. Bullshit. If my drunk uncle says everything loudly, and my grammammy only gets that loud when she's yelling at us for tracking snow in from the outside - you can't say that they are both as equally as loud, and the uncle only seems louder because he's always at that volume. But yet this is the defense commercials, usually via lighter-side news reports, have always spewed.

So I say -- good. Without getting too much into the details, I imagine ad execs are already finding a work around.
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