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Michigan just passed this law and predictably all the Union folk was out in force protesting. Typical. I am no lover of unions. They had their place 100 years ago, but times have changed and they are never going back. Unions do little besides kill governments and businesses. I hope Michigan turns their economy around for the better as yet another example for other states to follow. Let Unions prove for once that they are worth the dues investment and not make it mandatory. Unions should see it as a challenge to prove their worth, but sadly they are weak and bitter old folks stealing money from their people.

For you twinkie lovers, unions killed Hostess more than the greedy executives. And isnt it sad how the unions always blame the executives and accept no blame what so ever at all for any failures or issues. You would be surprised how much Union leaders make.

The executives gave themselves bonuses at the same time they were filing for the their second bankruptcy. And then on top of that they then tell their workers "You're gonna have to take a pay cut." Who in their right mind does that? Clearly the words "Lead by example." were completely foreign to these men.

I absolutely believe Unions need to adapt themselves more to these times, because their current methods of "defending" their members is sabotaging them, but this is in honesty a case of two groups to "blame"

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