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One thing l would like to say is alot of older actresses reach there forties and they are put on the shelf and can not get roles because in this day and age they are considered old

But as we see here women in there 40s can look good
I disagree, I think a lot of 40 something actresses are doing just fine - 40 is not what it used to be.

Many women in their 40s still look gorgeous and are definitely sexy, and oftentimes moreso than when younger.

Those who try too hard, such as Demi Moore, give all the others a bad name. Her type still want the roles "meant" for 20 and 30 somethings. Then it just becomes pathetic, IMO. (and in the music world, think Madonna. OMG...why could she not just age and accept it like Tina Turner, etc, instead of trying to be 25 again? In the end, much sexier to love yourself and show what you got and not what you wish you still had).

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