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Geez sometimes l put myself into a pickle

Okay from what l see here you were telling the truth and l am sorry l judged you on your coment
But being unemployed in prrison doesnt give you the right to say you are unemployed because you are doing time for a crime you commited

Please dont be angry for what l have said in Australia if you go into prison you can not claim anything like unemployment benifits but in jail you can work in diffrent situtions where that money is put away for the person when they get out of jail

I feel as if l am going to hit a nerve and if l do l want to apoligize to you

But when you get out of prison then you can say you are unemployed and go for unemployment benifits

To have this payment you have to wait a extra 6 weeks which puts a person in hardship for that time but we do have charitys that help in these cases
Being unemployed in prison does give me the right for the simple fact that I was. Next time you make a thread you need to be specific and clear about the guidelines.

Don't give me that hit a nerve bullshit either. Nobody on here is capable of hitting any kind of nerve. I have rough skin, and talk is cheap anyways.

You don't know anything about prison do you?

I'm going to simplify this and put it in a language you can understand to try and cover any questions or future questions about the United States prison systems.

This is going to be a long post so bear with me bondgirl.

Up until the time that you are sentenced to prison, you are being held at a county jail. From there you attend a reception. Which for me was Wasco Prison in Bakersfield. Wasco prison is considered one of the most dangerous prisons in all of california for two reasons. Everyone who has been in Prison or who is going must go through Wasco. That and everyone is trying to make a name for themselves. You are kept there until they can find some room for you in a different prison. The prison is also based on your crime. To try and determine where you fit in best. This can be Soledad, Tracy, Pelican Bay, San Quentin Ironwood, Chino etc.....Can also be out of state High Desert, McNeil, or Marion etc....

The reception is always a given, that and the fact that it's irrelevant, when two ex con's are talking about where they have done a long stretch of time is why it's never brought up. Because it was only a few months. In the grand scheme of things that doesn't amount to a whole hell of alot. I was transferred from Wasco to San Quentin where I served out the rest of my time. When you arrive you are then given a specific housing unit and by that I mean a wing in which the prison, and a certain block on that wing were your cell is located.

To anwser your question though, there is no allowance bondgirl. I wasn't eligable for unemployment because I was fired. In order to collect you must be layed off. I was fired after the third day I didn't show. You don't get an allowance or even get to handle money. You have an account which money is put into, that is called your book. This money can come from any outside party-friends, family, girlfriend whatever. This money can be spent on whatever is offeered at at the comissary store. Usually referred to as the canteen by other inmates. The store is only open for a couple of hours of certain days in the week. It offers things like candy, snacks, hygiene products etc. and so forth. Hope that anwsered your question.

There's lots of things that go on in there. Story's I could tell you that range from guy's blowing each other in the bathroom, a guy crying and pleading for his life while he's getting fucked up the ass, the all out riots with shit flying everywhere and free for all fights sometimes sometimes deaths., the consistent around the clock bloody shower fights, other guys getting their face smashed in just for looking at someone the wrong way. That's just some of the few things that went on in San Quentin, Good times. I don't think you wanna hear about the rest, this post is already too long so we'll save those story's for another day.

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