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Because some males here clearly have opposing views as to what pubic hair and a panty-less crotch signify, let's have a female explain something:

VPL - Visible Panty Lines. Pretty much speaks for itself. Snug, smooth one piece dresses, tights, etc increase the possibility of VPL. Does not look classy and can otherwise make a flattering ass look sectioned off like a piece roast beef. Traditional ways to avoid VPL are thongs (but some women find them VERY uncomfortable) "granny panties", or commando.

Now of course the common male answer to this is "Straight men don't care about VPL", which then brings up the common female response of "We're obviously not dressing for straight men then." Not everything is designed solely for the male gaze.

Going "commando" does not automatically make a woman an "attention seeking whore", or trashy. Britney Spears is trashy and went commando, but there was a whole host of evidence to support the "trashy" title before she flashed her cooch.

Also, I will probably repeat this till the trend is officially dead, 100% shaved crotches are no longer the trend. Its dying. You will be finding more women with "hair down there" now, if you haven't already. These women are not automatically dirty, have poor-hygiene or are hippies. Same as men with hair in their pubic region and under their arm pits are not immediately seen as unhygienic. It is merely a preference, that is all.

Shaved crotches were a trend that porn started. Speaking of porn: Back in the 70's, and obviously before that, women had full bushes. John Holmes went to town on women with a full bush without complaint. Many men went to town on women with big bushes. There's a picture of Demi Moore back in her younger days, with a bush so thick, even spread eagle you couldn't see her vagina. And this may be a assumption, but a believable one, I bet she still found men happy to go there.

The point being that girls/women today aren't half as hairy as women of 30,40+ years ago. Ann Hathaway doesn't have a bush half that thick. YOU, men, in this day and age are not going to town on bushes half as thick... So calm down. Anne is not too hairy. You don't like hair down there, fine. But when you make your statements, whether pro or anti- pubic hair remember: You're stating your preference, not a standard.

Why do I need to state this: Because to some men this is still not common knowledge.