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Film in general is pretty much dying, it's not just horror.

Hopefully the industry can figure out what this whole 'internet' thing is and take advantage of it, instead of railing against it. Until that happens, there's really no hope of a revival of film or horror.

14 year-olds love found footage. If you hate found footage like I do, then you now understand what it would have been like to have been a horror fan in the 80s if you hated slasher films.

It's nice to think that perhaps someone like Ti West will make it big, and bring in a new wave of horror, but really Hollywood is so cynical in it's approach to milking trends right now that Ti West making it big would basically just mean that we go inundated with copycat films that destroyed whatever he was building.

But it's not just horror, this is happening in every genre.

TV is really where it's at right now as we're seeing more great character driven series' coming out as their relatively cheap to make compared to movies.

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