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You know what I mean. How about we make efforts to prevent these kinds of crimes instead of focusing on how we punish the criminal? A more robust gun control system is clearly needed, but we need more than that. It would appear that many of these kind of gunmen have serious mental issues and could have used access to mental health clinics in some way. And that ties into our whole fucked up health care system.

The point is, if we actually put some real fucking energy into problems like this, we might be able to accomplish something, but the NRA gun-nut pussy crybabies will do anything they can to prevent it.
How about we lock everyone in straight jackets into padded rooms. Hey its an effort to prevent crimes isn't it? Effort always equals good so doing that means it will be good. Illegaly owned/altered gun crimes or crimes by legal guns? There's a huge difference when you're discussing justifying more government encroaching laws. People who want to take away someone's god given natural right to defend themselves as if criminals or bears/wolves/rabid animals can always wait for you to call 911 to give you a running chance. If legal owners were running around killing everyone then maybe you'd have a point. In fact when more criminals are using guns for crimes that could also mean that not enough non-criminals own guns for the criminals to be worried about. A robber is going to think twice before robbing a store if he doesn't know for sure or not if the store owner has a shotgun behind the counter.

Also Connecticut has some of the strongest gun laws around. Strength doesn't always equal strength. Strengthen gun control by weakening law abiding individuals to protect themselves?

This whole conversation is completely moot anyway. It should be left up to the states to decide. Why do people think they have the authority to judge how people 2,000 miles away from them should live? Someone who lived 1 block away from the police station surrounded by a huge urban population might feel differently about guns than someone who lives an hour away from any police presence in a rural area.

Also Norway has no death penalty and Connecticut (just started this year) has no death penalty. This is the topic here not guns.

"NRA gun-nut pussy crybabies". How articulate.

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