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I'm sure BCV is a big girl and can defend herself quite well without any help. But I've gotta say, as a fellow long-time Schmoe here, she's a really cool chick. I think some of you are blatantly being shitty to her for ridiculously asinine reasons that really don't make sense to me.

I can say most assuredly that BCV is NOT a shit-stirrer in the least. She (like myself and of course many others here) may have strong opinions on certain things.... And that's cool. But in no way is she intentionally trying to create problems or anything like that. Least not that I can tell!
No. It's not cool. Not in the least. She instigated this childish nonsense, dude. Not me. You can't possibly be serious about her not needing help. I beg to differ. But we're not talking about the same kind of help here. If she can't take a stupid unimportant trivial, and sarcastic little comment, then that's not my problem. It's hers. I make stupid, and silly comments all of the time. Everybody here knows that by now. It was intended to be harmless. And it was. I don't see anyone else making an issue besides BCV. And she gets all bent out of joint over it. She takes it personally. I guess there must be some truth to it then, for her to get all riled like that. Nobody is holding a sawn-off shot gun to her confused little head, to post here. Like I stated earlier, if she hates it so much here now, then why bother logging in? She hates me and my posts, my attitude...blah blah blah. Welcome to the internet. I guarantee you there's far far worse out there. Perhaps she should consider giving up the net completely if you get so easily offended. LMAO! As it stands some females are known to be a never-ending mass of conflicting emotions, and unrealistic whims on any given day or night. I didn't make or force her to type those offensive comments which were directed solely at me.

Dude. So, that's cool, is it, to tell me to grow the fuck up? It's cool to tell me that I spew piss? Really. Oh please. It amuses me how you choose to completely ignore her offensive and unnecessary comments, then defend her. You said she isn't intentionally trying to create problems. Yeah right. Just because she is a female, and has been a long term member means squat if she wants to behave like and arsehole at any given moment. The point is whether or not she liked or disliked my posts, gives her no valid reason to be a complete and utter bitch towards me. Conduct unbecoming. If the positions were reversed. I would have never posted anything like that. Because I don't have a complex. Nor do I care what someone behaving like a retarded jerk has to say on a message board, for God's sake. I'm sorry to have to inform you that she is the one who needs grow up, and stop behaving like a little bitch. Remember, it's almost the festive season. That must be the reason people in general are behaving like dickheads, right.

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