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Only obvious to you and your negative thinking. I suggest you re read what I wrote and focus on the theme and not the example. I gave the Twinkie example, because it is the most recent example. I think you are reading too much into what I said. I think you know me well enough that I do not imply anything. I come right out and say what is on my mind. Your second paragraph is really funny. Seriously, it was just a recent example.

Twinkies aside, do you have anything to add in the form of substance on the real topic at hand or would you rather discuss sno balls (Con Air), zingers, wonder bread, Ding Dongs or HoHos?
And my personal fav and if you don't laugh at this, you are dead inside

I'm not sure why you think I have negative thinking. I said that I didn't think you thought that way and also that it just seemed funny to me. It also seems to me that I am jovial more often than not. Most people tend to tell me I'm too optimistic, which may have been why I thought you'd laugh off my picking at the Twinkie thing instead of discussing it for multiple posts (instead of just begging me to continue the topic for you) Like I said, man, it's not big deal to me. It just seemed funny. Sorry if you think that's me being negative.

As for adding something, I expressed that I feel unions look out for the best interests of workers. The bringing up of the Twinkie comment was the basis upon which I voiced this.

I've be trained in unemployment law in a right to work state and one theme that seemed to run constant was the fear of lawsuits or costly mediation surrounding unemployment insurance or workers compensation benefits is very high. True, people can be fired for any reason but they can sue for any reason so, at least in the context of what was offered by the company I was with at the time, supervisors were often asked to tip toe in regards to employees and disciplinary action. At least with collective bargaining, it seems, there is greater room to keep things internal and to minimize the nonsense. I tend to think that these issues, on way or another, the ones that abuse things will find a way to do it and that right to work might end up costing more in other areas that affect those not directly involved in specific employer/employee conflicts.