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Dude. So, that's cool, is it, to tell me to grow the fuck up? It's cool to tell me that I spew piss? Really. Oh please. It amuses me how you choose to completely ignore her offensive and unnecessary comments, then defend her. You said she isn't intentionally trying to create problems. Yeah right. Just because she is a female, and has been a long term member means squat if she wants to behave like and arsehole at any given moment. The point is whether or not she liked or disliked my posts, gives her no valid reason to be a complete and utter bitch towards me. Conduct unbecoming. If the positions were reversed. I would have never posted anything like that. Because I don't have a complex. Nor do I care what someone behaving like a retarded jerk has to say on a message board, for God's sake. I'm sorry to have to inform you that she is the one who needs grow up, and stop behaving like a little bitch.
I like what she has to say in general, which is why I said my piece. However, you're right in this instance. I did choose to ignore what she said to you.... So I have no argument or defense for her in that regard.

I suppose I can see where she could be offended at some of the things that are said on these boards in general. I can also see your side of it, where she definitely could've handled her distaste for what you said in a different way by not making those remarks toward you.

I have no issue with you GoW, and I can only go by what you say on these boards and vice-versa. Having said that, lately I've been quite disappointed in some of your opinions & outlooks on things overall in general. I suppose I had a higher regard for you as a member of this community in general and over the past few months that opinion of mine has been altered.

It is what it is I guess. Like you said, you can't expect everyone to get along on the internet.