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GREMLINS 2 - 7/10

I was going to watch A Nightmare Before Christmas, but instead I popped in Gremlins 2. I love the first movie because of how dark and twisted it is. It's always on the verge of pure horror, but instead centered on totally demented humor which I doubt would pass even in a PG-13 rating today. Smoking, beer and liqour-swilling puppets might not go over well today.

The sequel, of course, goes in a completely different direction. What I found particularly interesting is the idea of smart-technology and how relevant this "futuristic" building is based on today's concept of everything being hooked into a collective. The concept is nice, but in reality it is so often a failure. Gremlins 2 did a wonderful satirical turn to this idea.
Fun movie. Certainly wacky and stupid, but with just enough smarts and self-aware jabs at the first movie and the non-sensical "rules" of gremlins to keep it fun.