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Yeah, especially not right away. Like, as if the law is enacted and suddenly only hardened criminals have weapons, and its just anarchy. People firing into the air, looting store front windows, and robbing people in daylight, while the cops stand by stuffing their faces.

I can't believe that even passes for an argument.

Police would still have guns.
Ordinary citizens would still have guns.

There would just be less of them. And, since 80% of guns involved in gun fatalities were initially obtained LEGALLY, fewer legally obtained guns would equal fewer illegally obtained guns.

I spoke to a security guy today about how easy it would be to still get guns if they were outlawed. As he was ex-military, he went to explain how gifted certain people are in that they have the eye and the skill to make weapons. He knows one of these guys. And indeed, this guy told him that if he ever needed a piece, that he would take care of him. He doesn't want cops to be the only ones who can carry guns either.

So no, I really don't think much would change. It would just be harder for people to diffuse situations like at the school. Kinda like now, but worse.
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