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I think that if a high profile Hollywood actress like Anne Hathaway wants to appear in public sans her underwear, then that is her business, and her business alone. But having said that, she, like all other female celebrities should also be aware of the fact that when an incident like this occurs, then it's the public that tend to make it their business. And they all know that. I have never really thought of her as a whore. I loved her in The Dark Knight Rises. And when I called her an attention-seeker, it was only because she knew that disembarking from that vehicle she would be displaying the goods to the public eye. Revealing tight skirt with no underwear. Oh come on now. Didn't she think that far ahead in case of something like this happening? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Maybe she just doesn't care what anyone may or may not think. In any case I don't really think any less, or any more of her. She is Cat Woman. And she is hot. But I am wondering if she knows about this. Of course she does. And that's the whole point. To gain even more attention from not only her fans, but by the general movie-going population. Intentional or not, that is surely what will happen. For the record I also preferred her with longer hair. But that's just my point of view and opinion.

Edit - I am sure that someone somewhere will be fapping way like there's no tomorrow when they look at her revealing photo.

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