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Still though, you have bad parenting worldwide, but because people in most countries can't hoard semi-automatic rifles that they bought at Dick's motherfucking Sporting Goods (seriously, it is INSANE that one can do this), the bad parenting doesn't generally lead to mass shootings. The person may act out in other ways (drugs, stabbing someone, etc.), but he/she will generally not have the ability to kill 30 people in a matter of minutes.
I was waiting to retort with that though, you won't have people with the same issues, and problems as him go out and commit mass shootings - this is true of course, but it minimizes the problem when you, as a parent do your duties right. Communicate well with your kids, and have the fuckin' brains to know the difference between good and bad parenting. But obviously it wouldn't stop anything in the world. As long as people live on this earth, you'll have dictators, you'll have terrorists, and you'll have straight up lunatics.
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