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I just want to say that I do not own a gun. I used guns in the military. I have seen what bullets from guns can do. I will not ever own a gun or have a gun in my house as long as we don't fall into Mad Max's world. The biggest reason why I do not have a gun is that I fear I might use it. I feel the same way about motorcycles. I would be that guy going 150 in traffic on a bike ending up as a spot on the highway. No thanks. I feel sorry for people who feel they need to own all kinds of guns to protect themselves from the government. lol. Or they own guns for the up coming end of the world or anarchy. Hunters don't need what they own to kill animals. A couple rifles will do. The concept of home protection is a joke. More people are killed or hurt in the name of friendly fire or accidents than actual protection. I also do not buy the bullshit that if they outlaw guns that only the criminals will have them. Chances are if you own a gun you are not going to have it on you or near you when you need it when a criminal comes into your world. 99% of all guns are pretty much useless. I don't have any numbers to support this statement, but I am pretty sure that way over 90% of all shoots fired (outside of hunting) are for all the wrong reason. Police should not carrying them on their person either. It only leads to more problems. Have them in the car if the situation calls for it, take it or them out.
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