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Hey the thong is a pain in the arse and they are uncomfortable l bet if a man had to wear them they would agree did you know you can get size 20,thongs l seen a work mate where one it was huge l didn't know you could get super size thongs
yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't want to hear any complaints from women about thongs. You don't hear men complain about jock straps and cups.

Plus, Thongs are like makeup, high heals, fake nails and push up bras and all the other crap you women put on in order to look good, so you can fool men into thinking you are better looking than you really are. Thongs are sexy and most men like them. We also like clear heals, but it seems only strippers wear those for us. Heaven forbid if you women had to do something to make your man or a man happy. Selfish women! LOL Do you have any idea how many chick flicks I had to see for the sake of my wife? Too god damn many, but I do not complain. I had to see three, count them, 1,2,3 Twilight movies. I have avoided the last one so far. She can wear a thong for me once in a while. It only needs to be on for like a few hours anyway.