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Christmas came early for me!!!

Quick thoughts for now, I'll be writing a review for my site later on and be posting the whole thing here.

- Until the last 20-25 minutes of the film, this was the best thing I've seen from Tarantino since Jackie Brown.
- There's fewer monologues than in your typical Tarantino film, apart from an absolute classic QT one delivered by Leonardo DiCaprio towards the end, and he nails it. Think Bill's story about Superman but way more intense and sinister. Mostly, the film is filled with terrific one-liners and even better delivery.
- Overall the tracks used is typical brilliant QT music taste. There's even an original Ennio Morricone track written specifically for the film; you'll know it as soon as it starts and it's awesome.
-Musically speaking though, there is one track used that left me with a bit of a foul taste. It just didn't work and felt out of place, which is rare for a QT film.
-Also, it's fucking violent. Like, Kill Bill levels. For my own personal tastes he even overindulges in one scene towards the end.
-That one scene towards the end, where the track feels wrong and the violence is a little too gratuitous is also where the film starts to take a plunge towards messiness. It's a little different than in the script I read, and personally I just wish he'd stuck with the script. I'm willing to bet that this last chunk is why the film isn't getting through-the-roof reviews and why I think it won't win any Oscars (though nominations will be plenty)
- I'd say it's still SLIGHTLY better than Inglorious Basterds because you don't get the sense that you're watching three different movies in one here. The story is very simple, very straightforward and with very little straying off the path.
-As you might suspect, the cinematography from Richardson is spot on; gorgeous, lush, scorching spaghetti western shit. It's beautiful.
-The Franco Nero scene is awesome! What a boss this guy.
-Don Johnson is absolutely perfect as Big Daddy; hilarious and vile, having the time of his life. No one digs up washed-up stars and makes them shine again like QT does. The "bag scene" that St. Louis critics nominated for one of the best scenes of the year, is HILARIOUS and deserves the nomination.
-Ok so the absolutely best thing about this film can be summed up with three names:
Christoph Waltz: he makes you wish that he'll be in every Tarantino film from now on. The man is just a killer with the way he delivers Tarantino's dialogue. I doubt he'll ever shake off Hans Landa but he does play a very different kind of German here, and he's the absolute highlight. I'd say he shouldn't get nominated for an Oscar only cause he already won with Landa.
Samuel L. Jackson: ahhhh fuckingg finallllyyyy Sam Jackson has a role befitting of his immense talent. Stephen was my favorite character from the script, I couldn't wait to see what Jackson did with him, word has been strong and he STILL surpassed all expectations. It's a travesty that he won't be nominated for an Oscar. A fucking travesty.
Leonardo DiCaprio: sinks his teeth into the role and never lets go. I can already hear the detractors saying how he overacts it, but it suits the demented ego-maniac that he portrays and he's brilliant. Another worthy awards contender.
Having these three play off of each other in the same room makes for some of the absolute best stuff I've seen in 2012.
-The only trouble is that they make Jamie Foxx look like a bit of an amateur. The character of Django is one of the weakest QT protagonists and Foxx is just good enough, never anything beyond that. Not that he takes away anything from the quality of the film, it's just that the other three are on a completely different level. QT has a cameo and his acting is still awful but the part is hella fun.

So, final thoughts here is that the film is an overall blast. There are classic scenes, classic pieces of dialogue and exchanges, some of the best stuff QT has written actually. The trouble comes in the end where it gets a little messy and overindulgent. I'm suspecting it will get nominated for Best Pic, Best Script, Best Sup. Actor (DiCaprio - Jackson should be nominated right alongside with him), Best Cinematography, Best Costumes, Best Art Direction(?) and that's about it. I don't think QT will get a director's nomination.

Ranking wise, here's how I rate his films.

Reservoir Dogs - 9.5/10
Pulp Fiction - 10/10
Jackie Brown - 10/10
Kill Bill Vol. 1 - 8/10
Kill Bill Vol. 2 - 9/10
Death Proof - 7/10
Inglourious Basterds - 8/10
Django Unchained - 8.5/10

I recently acquired one of the best box-sets I now own, TarantinoXX, and ill be re-watching pretty much all his films again so the ratings for some might change (Haven't seen the Kill Bills in a while, only saw Death Proof once etc.) but for now that's that.

Django is definitely worthy of Tarantino's filmmography and with Dr. King Shultz he's created one of his best characters, but for those expecting Pulp Fiction type of greatness, don't, otherwise you'll be disappointed. It's still homage-revenge-indulging film-geek QT stuff here, but the performances he gets out of actors seem to be getting better and better with every film.
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