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The Adventures of Tintin (8/10)
This was never anything less than a great deal of fun, even if it got a bit excessive in the finale with the two cranes fighting each other. It was visually astounding throughout, as is to be expected from its producers. Definitely one of the best looking animated movies I've seen. Tintin himself was really likable too. He's never really that developed as a character, but there's just that charm to him that makes him an easy hero to root for. There was some darker stuff here than I was expecting too, which is always a nice surprise in a movie that looks made for families. Some of the action sequences had a healthy dose of violence, and the supporting character's rampant alcoholism and the message about that was excellently done. I'd love to see another film. Peter Jackson should've moved onto doing that instead of flushing Middle-Earth down the shitter with The Hobbit