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I feel like this season would have been a hundred times better if they'd left out Hannah entirely. Too much time was spent focusing on her, so much so that when the finale had almost nothing to do with her it felt incongruous as fuck and that was a good thing. I'd been sorta sleep-watching every episode because it's been revolving around her thoroughly uninteresting storyline, and then all a sudden holy crap all this important shit happens in the last ep. I know that technically it had been building toward this with Maria investigating Dex and all, but it still felt really rushed because what framework they laid for it was surrounded by boring Hannah shit so I hadn't really been paying attention. Also, during the season it was a thing they were sorta dancing around, like oh Maria suspects and all that bullshit but nothing's really gonna happen with it beyond that. It seems like the show just woke up from a nap and realized it had a finale to attend, so it crammed a whole lot of shit into one hour. If they had built it up better, if they had added some tension and some weight to the whole LaGuerta sideplot, then this season could have been incredible. Instead they squandered it on Hannah. The whole Deb "in love" thing got shoved under too, unceremoniously, with the show basically saying oh wait we changed our minds about that. And Doakes. Holy fuck, it was awesome seeing him. Had the LaGuerta bullshit been done better we could have had multiple flashbacks with him this season, hell they could've built an entire subplot of flashbacks showing how he became suspicious of Dexter instead of throwing that away in five minutes or so.

Whatevs. Next season is the last, it's been confirmed, so here's hoping they pull their shit together to defy the odds and make it great. The last few seasons, since four I guess, have just seemed like wasted potential. There's so much more they could have done, with this one in particular. Maybe they'll get it right for the final one.
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