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I think you read too much into this franchise ... Paul WS Anderson is not Lynch or Gilliam.

I like the Resident Evil movies but beyond the 1st one who was closer to the videogame , the rest is just plain dumb fun. It's also pretty obvious that the writers are just making shit as they go along. At least it's enjoyable shit!

The actual videogame is not was it was either. It's not about survival anymore but BANG-BANG action. At this point , it's unclear wheter they are basing the movies on the games or basing the games on the movies.

K-Mart might be a pedobear's dream but she wasn't all that helpful in Extinction anyway. Her feat of strength was basically just not dying. They just gave her a 15 seconds cameo in Afterlife for continuity's sake.

Is Alice a clone ? maybe. Was that a day 1 idea ? NOPE.
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