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Provide facts to a liberal and all you get is insults
"Brits tend to do that"

Typical xenophobic nutjob.

The 2nd Amendment argument is dead. Get some perspective.

Yes, let's strap every teacher with a gun. To even have a chance against someone with a semi-automatic weapon and wearing bullet proof gear, the teachers would also need to carry a similar gun. What are teachers going to have these strapped over their shoulders? Oh sorry Jimmy, excuse my rifle while I bend over your chair to pick up some crayons.

Are you going to force them to have these guns?

Note: your job description now entails that you have to be strapped with a semi-automatic rifle. If you do not abide, you may not be a teacher.

But oh, they don't have to carry them. They can be stored, you say? In order to prevent children from having access to the gun, they would have to be locked in a case, out of reach from the children. By the time the teacher gets to the case and unlocks it, the same amount of children are dead as if there were no gun in the school at all.

But, but... we could have armed guards at the front door. Is that where we want society to head?

Piers Morgan may be loud and obnoxious, but he presents the only facts in that video that actually mean anything. You need some context for the "Our rates are lower where we have more guns" argument. Other variables could certainly be involved there.

There is a reason why the number of gun deaths in the US is exponentially higher than other countries. The failure to recognize that is baffling.

But as Mr. Guiltless suggested... let's strap every citizen with a semi-automatic weapon. Let's put semi-automatic weapons in the hands of mentally ill people who would otherwise not have access to them if there was the slightest bit of reasonable gun control. But, but... anyone can get a gun if they really want one. Well then why doesn't that increase the rate of gun related deaths in other countries?

And don't bother with your Buckeye Firearms document. A bunch of context free "facts" being listed by a bunch of gun hungry individuals who think there should be extended prison sentences for petty crime. Give me a break.

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