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Doesnt really matter. The President is going to draw up several things, probably a sale ban on semi-automatic rifles and big magazines, no later than January.

Yes, let's strap every teacher with a gun. To even have a chance against someone with a semi-automatic weapon and wearing bullet proof gear, the teachers would also need to carry a similar gun. What are teachers going to have these strapped over their shoulders? Oh sorry Jimmy, excuse my rifle while I bend over your chair to pick up some crayons.
Not only that, but like I've said a million time, statistically, it's more dangerous to hav a gun around, PERIOD. If every teacher carried a gun, school would become more dangerous. Not necessarily just from massacres, but just plain OVERALL.

I wouldnt want to put my kid in a school like that. I doubt many would.

And you have to figure the quality of education would go down even further. I couldnt imagine many teachers honestly being for carrying a weapon. So Education would get worse, and thats really the reason we're in this mess of a country in the first place. We're all dumb.
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