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Law-abiding Missourians can carry a gun while intoxicated and even fire it if "acting in self-defense."
Looks like a nice place to go on vacation.

btw loved your input and i agree with most of it but the Mother Jones chart looks deceptive.

1.trying to find the link but i read somewhere that only 2 crimes were commited with legal AR since the 30s.

2. The Sandy Hook shooter weapons were legal .... but owned by his mother who thought him to shoot them KNOWINGLY AWARE HER SON HAD A MENTAL ILLNESS. She got killed by her own guns. Talk about karma.

I'm not sure how it works in the US but here in the great white north , storage is a liability. If someone commits a crime with your guns , you are as responsible unless you can prove you stored them properly.

a- gun and ammo are kept in separated locations
b- you used a keylock protection on the trigger
c- gun are stored in a dedicated unit ( like a casing or a closet) and not lying around on a rack in the living room or a bedside drawer.
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