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...I was unable to understand Bilbo's motivations clearly and I could not connect to the fact he just fumbles through the woods and stumbles on the sword.

...I really wanted to understand why Bilbo is so obsessed with Mythril, how he gets the idea that there might be Mythril in the mines, relate to his connection to asking questions/riddles if they lead to treasure and connect to Bilbo's side of the adventure. It also felt very rushed.

...There was certain things in the Hobbit novel that I just liked more and connected to more. It felt more whimsical, with Bilbo having to solve all these puzzles in the mines. Fighting a werebeast, a real fire-breathing dragon Smaug and a sasquatch like creature. Also his witty charm when he encountered the three trolls, forcing them into releasing everyone before being eaten.

...a rushed script, and so the whimsical fantasy I love in the book is missing from the movie.

...I didn't understand Bilbo's motivations for helping the dwarves either, to me being a missed opportunity.
You stated more accurately some of the things I was trying to convey in my first post on this. Amazing to think that with three movies, he has to rush the script... just didn't prioritize very well.
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