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You stated more accurately some of the things I was trying to convey in my first post on this. Amazing to think that with three movies, he has to rush the script... just didn't prioritize very well.
Right you are! Glad I'm not the only one lately who has read the book. These things were far from little, that is why they were so noticeable as missing. One example is there was not any troll cave in the novel, instead Gandalf the Greys recovered a very special golden key and unlocked a type of dungeon area. Inside were lots of artifacts, treasure chests and a puzzle of sorts Bilbo had to solve. It was also the only way he received the sword.

Then from there was a huge thing that was missed with Thorin, where he discusses how his father snuck into Smaug's large cavern as the original burglar. And right from that point, it entirely skipped the river section where everyone is forced up river and Bilbo uncovers a moonstone puzzle - this one only he can solve. These things are covered in mere pages during the book, but take around 15 minutes of screen time to show and add depth/mystery to the story. That the new writers chose to omit all these things, in favor of a longer movie is quite an odd mistake in story-telling.

I'm going to hope the next film doesn't follow this path and adjust my score to 7.8. For some reason I'm not as engaged in their portrayal of the magic.
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