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Top 10 Movies That Would Make A Good Remake Possibility

1 Willow.

I loved Willow but since Disney owns Lucasfilm. I think Willow with todays effects could be a great franchise for Disney

2 Dragonball Z

What a botched up mess to a great cartoon the movie was? It needs another shot for It really has everything action fantasy and sci fi in it. If just put in better hands

3 Eragon

A great Book Trilogy that got placed into the wrong hands creatively. Now the Dragon and Robert Carlyle were great but the rest not so much. A good dragon trilogy I would pay to see

4 Treasure Island

Each generation needs new adaptations of this great classic. If POTC braught back pirates certainly the best Pirate Book could be made and be good.

5 Red Sonja
I know it was gonna happen at one time but thankfully go scrapped with McGowan in it. But there needs to be a few new women hero films. That way maybe we can get some good Women SuperHero solo movies

6 The Last Airbender

M Night had really an easy movie to make a saga out of. It had a big fan base and yet he fumbled on the goal line somehow

7 The Searchers
Not that there was anything wrong with Waynes classic movie. Its just that The Searchers has the best concept for a Western remake

8 Lethal Weapon

I miss the buddy cop movies and a new concept to an older cop and a crazy younger cop is pretty good format. Casting is key ofcourse
I am thinking Sam Jackson and Gerard Butler

9 Swamp Thing
It would make an interesting story and something different from comics these days

10 Bram Stokers Dracula

No i am not meaning a love story kind. We need a real Dracula remake for the last attempt while Oldman was great. Still a new good movie is needed.
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