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Quick Review With More Comment Later

I am not per say an avid Tolkien reader. I think most kids know what The Hobbit story is and well LOTR movies is how really I was introduced to Tokliens other works

I think The Hobbit was good but not LOTR. Which really I never figured The Hobbit could match.

I do however think The Hobbit was a better Fantasy movie in ways. FOTR was a stunning epic and we got a taste of the Fantasy but TTT and ROTK was all about War and less abou adventure.

I think The Hobbit gives fantasy lovers a good movie.

I am not gonna equal them to LOTR because they are slightly better films at this point but really The Hobbit and LOTR movies are not the same movies.

Yes we get set up for Rings but really The Hobbit is a lighter affair but I do think The Hobbit can make a good bridge too rings and make Things Like Balins tomb more sad.
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