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Well when you first get into a relationship it is clear sailing but sometimes men get bored having the same girl so they try and find fresh meat when they feel as though they are not getting enough
Wait, who says that most men just do that? Is it a general rule now that women can go generalize and label all guys douche-bags?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of guys who would never cheat on their wife. It's just an accepted rule that a lot of women don't tend to go for them since they don't want to be pampered or coddled.

I recall for example my friend and myself. If I really like a girl and am serious about her, I'm not going to cheat on her, especially if she's really my equal. Period. And he agreed to the same. I won't even attend a Strip Club or dance club, if it is not with her.

But that of course would have to be a perfect match, and if it wasn't, nine times out of ten he will break the relationship off first. This has been a major issue with relationships for quite some did not just start yesterday.
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