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Oh dear l feel as though l have just started something but one can not take a step backwards

Well there are guys out there who want to settle down after being in a relationship for a while but you get some who just want to wander

I have to say you can label every man like this because you do come across some good blokes but they are very hard to find

The problem is women like to be commited to there bloke and we think if we do everythnig for them they will want to stay but some just like to have more not just one woman but a few on the side

Now remember l am not labeling every guy

i do beleive to that some men wouldnt cheat but just say some beautiful woman wanted you in the sack would you take it
I know some would fall over them self to get laid and think of the consquences later

of cause you will get a girl who you love and wont dump for anyone which it would be the same for me if l met a bloke and thought the world of him l wouldnt leave that person
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