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I have to say you can label every man like this because you do come across some good blokes but they are very hard to find

i do beleive to that some men wouldnt cheat but just say some beautiful woman wanted you in the sack would you take it
Yeah, no?

If my girlfriend at the time is with me and happens to be the real deal, I'm just not going to be interested in that woman. Why should I be?

I have my girl whom I adore, that is far more beautiful than the other woman anyway. I have my faith in God, and most importantly my love of myself as well as the positive, so I'm just flat not going to cheat.

Why the heck would I even want to? The other girl is a tramp and won't taste any different than my girl.

If she wanted to, and we decided to kiss the other girl I'd allow that but would never take it further. Sorry, I don't see any need to and no I don't want it since I'm not a jackass.

Also, I would not think about doing it. On the other hand if she was just some girl I met that isn't really my match, you bet I would cheat with the woman. Within a few days most likely. Then I would be out somewhere repenting later.

But that is an expected male reaction, guys always wander if they don't have the right partner.
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