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When you say if you have the right partner,you will not wander well some male will cheat,and stikll go back,to who they loved before hand and they will want to be exceptred back as if nothing has happed l have seen it go on and if l was that person meaning the wife l would not exc ept that p
M person so quickly or not at all
Oh yeah. There are some guys like that. They are real douche bags. I've met them before.

But the point is they are a distinct minority of the male population. You would be surprised at how many non douche bags there are out there. Our breed is very diverse, and does not need to be judged by the lowest common denominator.

Ten times out of ten, those guys who would cheat no matter what are alcoholic. They can't help their behavior with the hand they were dealt: Fun, largely unknown fact.
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