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I still have yet to hear any song by Miley Cyrus, at least not that I'm aware of. For the longest time, and possibly still, I got her and Mandy Moore confused. This guy looks to be about my age, maybe, or at least in my age-bracket. To me, the weirdest part isn't that it's Miley Cyrus, but that he is so fanatic over a media personality at his age. Maybe I'm thinking he's older than he really is because I'm a bad judge of age, but seriously - isn't there a consensus here. I mean, isn't this kind of fanaticism reserved for teens. And I know there are convention geeks and the sort, but that's more like a culture thing - like dressing up for the opera. Even the My Little Pony thing seems more normal than this. It's like stalker behavior, not fandom.
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