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I find it a bit ironic that he calls Django Unchained "racially charged" (which it might be - I don't know, haven't seen it yet) and yet he throws around the "n-word" like it's still culturally accepted.


I think it's hilarious that the movie is inciting any discussions of race at all.

The wife and I were chatting on the couch and one of those magazine shows were on like Extra or ET (I think it's the 3rd one I can't think of the title) and they had a whole story about whether Django went too far with it's use of the "n-word"

Shortly after there was some story on what you didn't know about foods, and it was just ridiculous. All of them we were like, "Duh" then finally, can't remember which one, my wife blurts out, "Who the hell doesn't know this stuff?"

I reply, "People who are surprised by use of the N-word in a Tarantino movie set during slave times."

And we laaaaaughed.
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