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I like the direction the movie appears to be taking. I don't think it looks melancholy at all; I think it looks character-driven and thought provoking. How would the people of the world react to someone like Superman . . . and Zod, as this movie hopefully will explore. I think the action will definitely be there with the inclusion of Zod as the villain. But the trailer definitely showed that Superman will struggle with his abilities, the option to use those abilities, and how the world reacts to those abilities. We've seen in other superhero movies that "with great power, comes great responsibility" and "you always fear what you don't understand" (Batman Begins). I get the feeling that this movie will explore both those expressions.

Scarface98.9 - one thing I liked about Superman Returns was Superman's feeling of loneliness and search for others like him. I just think they didn't do it particularly well and/or they didn't do it enough (The director's cut/extended edition of Superman: The Movie has a scene where Superman tries to embrace Jor-El before realizing that he's simply a hologram (or whatever he was). I like that scene because it shows that Superman is realizing that he will be alone).

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