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As stated before, I think it's quite funny how he's complaining about Django Unchained when he uses the n-word more than he actually breathes. I think Katt Williams just wants more attention. Plain and simple. He sucks as a comedian, and he probably sucks as a person in general.
So true, he's just pissed because Tarantino uses the n-word in his movies and Quentin is a white guy. That and he just wants attention. Hes never been funny...ever. And honestly I feel bad for people who think he's hilarious, its your prerogative if he's funny, but he's a piece of shit. I'm not Jaime Foxx's biggest fan, but the dude is talented and Williams is probably just jealous because he hasn't amounted to a godamn thing in his life while Foxx is living it up
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