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Premium Rush

The critics were right on this one. It's very entertaining throughout. Sure, the premise seems very 80s and early 90s, but the writing was actually pretty smart. Anyone remember that bike movie with Nicole Kidman? Memories! The marketing of the film was pretty bad though. Although, I feel that any film marketed to this demo needs big explosions, so perhaps that is why it failed--not because of the lackluster marketing. That poster was terrible imo. I think films are very dark nowadays to reflect the sentiment of the country, perhaps.

My only criticism of the film is that girl's Chinese accent. This actress is a Korean-American playing a Chinese girl who speaks English as a second language. It wasn't too convincing, lol. You could have picked a random white girl on Iowa and came up with a similar execution.

I live in Manhattan so I was glad to see the city featured as like another character, and not some place in Canada. The city is pretty compact, so a lot of it takes place within a 10min walking distance.
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