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Yeah, I agree that it's a technically well made film with great casting, dialogue, acting, cinematography, etc. I realize why they followed 1 or 2 characters, who actually represent all the people who helped track down UBL. I was thoroughly engrossed in the film even though a lot of the film is just going through the various well known facts and events surrounding the killing of UBL.

The film really didn't have any heart since the main character isn't like a real person...she is like some sort of UBL hunting robot. It's like they had a check list of facts and events they needed to get through. The film makers are veterans, so they apparently did this on purpose, but I'm not sure why. Even some of the peripheral characters were a lot more interesting than the main one.

I think the main reason they didn't want to get into the head of the CIA analyst is because it would have gone against the political agenda of the film. When she discusses being recruited, it was a perfect time to discuss why she joined the CIA, etc. The political bias of the film is subtle and not in your face...but the liberal agenda is definitely there. A conservative filmmaker would have made the film very differently. If s/he showed a torture scene, s/he would have also given the reason why it was carried out. Since this film is exclusively from the perspective of this 1 CIA analyst, who is a robot, we don't really get to see the full picture.

Overall, I'm going to have to give this film a flunking grade. I'd like to see another movie about these events from the perspective of the operators who carried out the missions. The people who gave this film high marks will all lower the grade after a second viewing. I don't think this film will be the ultimate telling of the story. It was rushed so that it could be first...but it just needed more time to gestate.

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