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Look, I'm all for social commentary, even if the commentary being presented differs from my own take on the subject, but IMO this film is way too harsh with its critique. It's overly cynical to the point of ugliness and disgust, and it does not accurately parallel the country I live in. Every country has its flaws, but America is multi-faceted; a country of many different people, traditions, and customs. You can't finger point and boil everyone and everything in it down to selfishness and greed.
I'd say it IS, to an extent. Let's face it -- greed and the lure of power are pretty much humanity's Achilles Heels. No matter how many history lessons one learns (Napoleon, Hitler, Idi Amin, etc.), people still keep doing purely self-serving shit at the expense of others. Power should be wielded INclusively; the moment you make it exclusive is when all the trouble starts. Why the average person still fails to see this is beyond me.
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