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Well this has to be the most disappointing movie I've ever seen. Definitely QT's worst film.
What made it worse than Jackie Brown and Death Proof? (i think those two are QTS worst)

Just asking what the movie didnt do for you? I thought it was his best since Pulp. The pace may be different but thats part of Schultz and Djangos adventure!

My ONLY GRIPE was the Rick Ross song on the soundtrack playing during the Candyland ride, awful. Other than that, for what kind of movie Tarantino was making it was almost flawless.

Its his funniest film hes ever made,and the most violent, and the most out of control. Django does have some ideas splitting at the seams, (the film is just gigantic in its scope) so that could be an issue I see others warranting. Theres almost too much in it, but IMO just ALMOST. I had an absolute blast in my theater, the audience was eating it up.

Just wondering what made it his absolute worst film for ya, IMO it wasnt even close to being his worst. The performances alone are better than the entirety of Death Proof and Jackie Brown.

ps who absolutely shit their pants during the BAG scene?
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